State Regulated Life Insurance Program (Misleading Mail)

State Regulated Life Insurance Program
State Regulated Life Insurance Program (Misleading Mail)

Disclaimer: Willamette Life does not distribute direct mail flyers or marketing material. This article is for educational purposes only and does not reflect our company’s core values or business practices.

We do not endorse or participate in this form of misleading life insurance marketing.

state regulated life insurance direct mail

When most seniors check their mailboxes each day, there is a ton of junk mail. This can be from charity organizations, medicare offerings, and, unfortunately, fraudulent scams.

One of the hundreds of pieces of mail that may have found its way to your mailbox is an offer for a “state regulated life insurance program.” These offers are typically intended for the senior population and claim to help pay for funeral expenses.

There are some essential things to know about this offer.

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What Is The State Regulated Life Insurance Program?

This program is a marketing ploy that comes in a postage card designed for unknowing seniors. This is how many life insurance agents find potential buyers. The goal of these direct mail postcards is for seniors to fill out the information on the card and send it back to the return address. 

In a matter of days, a life insurance agent will either show up at your front door, or you will be contacted to have an appointment set up.

Common Examples of Promotional Life Insurance Mail

There are many names these cards will use to describe these made-up state regulated programs being offered.

The following names are commonly used:

  • State-regulated life insurance program
  • The new state-regulated life insurance program to pay for final expenses
  • New state-regulated life insurance program
  • 2021 benefit information for state residents only

Here is an example of a burial promotion you may have received in your mailbox advertising senior final expense life insurance.

state regulated life insurance card

What Does “State Regulated” Really Mean?

Every state has an insurance commissioner and organization that governs at the state level, which helps regulate insurance companies and agents. These organizations help protect the consumer.

When you receive one of these direct mail cards, marketers and life insurance agents essentially say that they offer “state regulated life insurance.” When you dig deeper, this is a marketing ploy because whenever someone buys a life insurance product in any state, it is automatically state-regulated.

The insurance department and commissioner review prices and enforce regulations. This verbiage is used in the direct mail promotion to get the attention of seniors. Unfortunately, it works, and many seniors are surprised when a life insurance broker calls them or shows up at their doorstep.

Is this Funeral Program Actually Endorsed by the Government?

The government does not support this funeral program. The words “state-regulated” are a slick marketing ploy used by life insurance agents and marketers to sell you their products. By law, the government regulates life insurance companies. These words are then twisted to fit the narrative of these funeral insurance salespeople.

Does the State You Live in Make a Difference?

The state you live in does not matter. The only reason that the state you reside in is even mentioned is to further lure seniors into thinking this is an exclusive offer.

Depending on what state you live in, the promotion may read slightly differently.

  • Florida state regulated life insurance program
  • CA state regulated life insurance
  • New Texas state regulated life insurance program to pay for final expenses
  • 2021 benefit information for California citizens only

Learn more about your specific state’s funeral insurance plans.

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Are These Burial Insurance Mailers A Fraud Or A Good Deal?

These mailers are not fraudulent or a scam. There are life insurance brokers behind this marketing gimmick that will sell you a policy from a highly respected company. However, agents who sell final expense insurance with this method are intentionally being deceptive. This is not the right way to start a relationship and does not build trust.

The Best Way to Find Final Expense Insurance

Work with a life insurance agency that specializes in final expense insurance for seniors. Make sure the agency represents a variety of highly-rated insurance companies. This will ensure that you receive the lowest quote from the best carriers.

Once you have located the company to work with, inspect reviews from previous customers. Also, look at your state’s insurance regulatory website to confirm their license is in good standing. Finally, look up the company’s BBB rating. This will allow one more layer of security to make sure you are working with a high-integrity agency.

Why Work with Willamette Life

At Willamette Life, we represent the best burial life insurance companies and specialize in helping seniors find a plan that’s right for them.  We do not play any marketing games and only contact individuals who have come to our website and requested more information. The process to obtain coverage is simple and easy through our short telephone application.

Call us at 844-576-0019

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Final Thoughts

a. If you receive an offer in the mail for the state regulated life insurance program, proceed with caution. This is a marketing gimmick that, in reality, is meant to be deceptive to seniors.

b. This senior final expense program is not endorsed by the government and should be carefully examined. If you fill out this offer and mail it back to the sender, you will either have life insurance agents calling you to set up an appointment or showing up at your home unannounced.

c. Work with a well-respected burial insurance agency to find the lowest possible price and the best plan. If coverage seems too easy to obtain, then that is a hint that it is not your best option.

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