Life Insurance Savings Group Review: Too Good To Be True?

Have you seen a tv ad about life insurance to cover funeral costs lately? This most likely is the Life Insurance Savings Group commercial. This advertisement talks about $25,000 of coverage for rates as low as $1 a day and even $5 a week. This Life Insurance Savings Group review will examine if these claims are too good to be … Read More

$50,000 Whole Life Policy (Prices, Plan Details And More)

Are you interested in $50,000 whole life insurance policy? This can be an excellent option for permanent coverage, but this must be the right plan for your life insurance needs. The monthly premiums for a $50,000 whole life policy can be more than some budgets allow. This article will look into the cost and alternative options. Quick Links How Much … Read More

Open Care Final Expense Plans Review (Senior Life Insurance)

Finding senior life insurance can be challenging because there is tons of marketing directed at people 50 years and older. This marketing includes the Open Care final expense plans commercial, which runs often. The most recent commercial advertises up to $50,000 of coverage for less than $1 a day. This article will examine their marketing claims and determine if the … Read More

Modified Whole Life Insurance (Proceed With Caution)

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Cremation Insurance: What Is It & How Does It Work?

When preparing for the expenses associated with death, it is essential to know how much to budget for. Funeral costs vary depending on your state and if you would like a traditional burial or cremation. Cremations can cost between $700 – $7,000, which can be a financial shock for unexpecting loved ones. Fortunately, there are ways to plan for these … Read More

Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn Review (Details He Left Out)

Finding senior life insurance can be challenging to navigate with all of the tv ads and promotional materials. The Jonathan Lawson Colonial Penn tv commercial is a routinely played ad. He is on the commercial explaining how great the $9.95 product is and that it is one of the best final expense insurance plans you can buy. The Jonathan Lawson … Read More

Prepaid Funerals And Pre-Need Insurance: How Do They Work?

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$15,000 Life Insurance Policy (Inexpensive Coverage)

Life insurance with a death benefit of $15,000 is affordable and easy to get. These plans are marketed to seniors as burial insurance, but the beneficiary can use the payout for anything. Quick Links 50 – 59 Quotes 60 – 69 Quotes 70 – 79 Quotes 80 – 89 Quotes Whole Life Basics FAQ’s How Much For $15000 Life Insurance … Read More

$5,000 Life Insurance (Cheap Lifelong Coverage)

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$25,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy (Lowest Possible Quotes)

The majority of whole life policies start at around $50,000. When searching for a whole life insurance policy, it can be difficult to find lower coverage amounts. Fortunately, this is where senior whole life insurance can help. Quick Links 50 – 59 Quotes 60 – 69 Quotes 70 – 79 Quotes 80 – 89 Quotes Basics of Whole Life Best … Read More