About Willamette Life Group

Willamette Life Group was founded in 2019 and focuses exclusively on burial life insurance. We are an independent agency licensed in 24 states and have partnered with the most trusted insurance companies in America.

We educate our customers, answer questions, provide excellent customer service, and have a simple application process.

How our business works

Willamette Life Group is an independent insurance agency that represents multiple carriers. Our job is to find the lowest price and best coverage for you. Willamette Life Group will never implement pushy sales tactics but rather be your teammate.

Each insurance carrier has different underwriting standards; your best options will depend on your health. Willamette Life agents will learn about your medical history and recommend the best company and policy for you.

After learning what plan you qualify for and the monthly premium, you can decide to move forward and apply for coverage. Our agents will walk you through the process and help you submit your application.

What makes us different


Willamette Life exclusively provides burial insurance, making our agents experts in the market. We have partnered with highly rated and respected carriers in the industry.


We conduct the application process entirely over the phone. Willamette Life agents will guide you through the steps of gaining coverage from the comfort of your home.

How we earn money

Willamette Life Group gets a commission paid by the insurance company for each policy we write. The amount of money we make depends on which insurance provider the coverage is issued through, the plan type, and the applicant's age. The insurance carrier compensates us for bringing them new policyholders.

Working with our team costs you no additional money, and there are no agent fees or added premiums to use our services. There is a common misconception that working directly with the insurance company will save you money by cutting out the third party, in this case, the insurance agency.

Often, purchasing directly from the insurance company can cost consumers more because they are only being shown one price. When working with our team, you will be sure to find the lowest possible price because you can access multiple top life insurance plans.

Which companies do we represent?

Willamette Life Group represents three top-rated insurance carriers. The companies are Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, and AIG. This has allowed us to offer our customers a variety of A-rated life insurance plans while also retaining expert knowledge of each product we provide.

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How do we decide which plans are best?

The first thing our team will do is understand your health history. We always aim to find customers the lowest cost coverage with immediate protection. Depending on your health, this may or may not be possible.

If we believe you qualify for immediate coverage, detailed health questions will need to be answered to apply. If you have a severe medical condition, previous or current, we will skip the health questions and apply for a guaranteed issue plan.

The variables that affect our recommendations are health, price, plan structure, simplicity of the application (if you have access to your email or not), and continuous customer service from the insurance carrier.

How does the application process work?

The application process takes roughly 20 minutes and is done entirely over the phone. To complete the application, you will need to answer a series of health questions and have access to your email. Depending on the carrier you move forward with, your signature is obtained through an e-signature via email or a security question asked by your agent.

Security Questions

What is our mission?

Our mission is to have no family financially burdened by funeral costs.

With an average funeral cost of $7,643, everyone needs a simple and affordable financial tool to prepare for these expenses. Burial insurance allows every senior the opportunity to make a manageable monthly payment to offset this financial burden. The Willamette Life team is friendly, informative, and always has you as our top priority.

About our owner

Jake Irving started Willamette Life Group in 2019. Before creating Willamette Life, Jake had always served others in the customer service and hospitality industry. However, he noticed a need for a more customer-focused insurance sales process.

Jake set out to create a company based on educating customers before they decide to purchase life insurance. It's been beneficial to both the customers he serves and the team he's built at Willamette Life.

Jake Irving