$10,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy (Best Quotes Available)

10000 whole life insurance
$10,000 Whole Life Insurance Policy (Best Quotes Available)

A $10,000 life insurance policy might be the perfect fit for your financial situation. Your family will be financially secure for a low and simple monthly payment.

You might be wondering how much 10,000 dollars of coverage will cost.

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$10,000 Whole Life Insurance Quotes

Age, gender, health, and smoking status all play a role in the funeral insurance cost someone should expect to pay for a $10000 insurance policy. The quotes listed below are examples of what a healthy individual will pay each month.

The quotes listed are for policies that do not require a waiting period or medical exam.

50 – 59 Burial Insurance Quotes

$10,000 of Coverage

Age Female (Non-Smoking) Female (Tobacco) Male (Non-Smoking) Male (Tobacco)
50 $24 $32 $31 $38
51 $25 $33 $31 $39
52 $26 $34 $32 $41
53 $26 $35 $33 $44
54 $27 $37 $34 $46
55 $28 $39 $36 $48
56 $29 $40 $37 $50
57 $30 $41 $39 $52
58 $31 $42 $40 $54
59 $32 $44 $42 $57

60 – 69 Burial Insurance Quotes

$10,000 of Coverage

Age Female (Non-Smoking) Female (Tobacco) Male (Non-Smoking) Male (Tobacco)
60 $33 $45 $44 $60
61 $34 $47 $46 $63
62 $36 $50 $49 $68
63 $38 $52 $51 $71
64 $39 $54 $54 $76
65 $41 $57 $56 $80
66 $43 $60 $60 $85
67 $46 $64 $63 $91
68 $48 $67 $67 $97
69 $51 $70 $71 $101

70 – 79 Burial Insurance Quotes

$10,000 of Coverage

Age Female (Non-Smoking) Female (Tobacco) Male (Non-Smoking) Male (Tobacco)
70 $53 $74 $75 $107
71 $56 $79 $79 $115
72 $58 $85 $84 $121
73 $64 $90 $89 $130
74 $68 $95 $95 $137
75 $72 $100 $100 $145
76 $78 $109 $107 $160
77 $84 $118 $114 $174
78 $88 $127 $122 $186
79 $93 $134 $130 $196

80 – 89 Burial Insurance Quotes

$10,000 of Coverage

Age Female (Non-Smoking) Female (Tobacco) Male (Non-Smoking) Male (Tobacco)
80 $98 $135 $140 $206
81 $106 $147 $150 $219
82 $114 $161 $160 $238
83 $121 $171 $171 $255
84 $129 $180 $182 $269
85 $136 $192 $193 $283
86 $171 $257 $236 $394
87 $206 $299 $277 $453
88 $241 $341 $317 $513
89 $275 $384 $358 $572

Whole Life Insurance Basics

Every whole life insurance policy requires three permanent features.

Premiums Never Raise: The premiums will never increase. This allows seniors on a fixed income to know what their monthly life insurance bills will be in the future.

Coverage Never Expires: Whole life insurance policies stay in force as long as the policyholder is alive and paying premiums. Seniors will be given peace of mind knowing they will never outlive their policy.

Builds a Cash Value: A portion will go towards the cash value for each payment made. Over time this amount will grow and can be borrowed from. Speak with your agent to learn the expected value over time.

Other Benefits of Final Expense Whole Life Insurance

Affordable: Burial insurance comes in small policy amounts, making it more affordable than traditional whole life insurance. Death benefit amounts range from $2,000 to $40,000. However, $10,000 is one of the most common coverage amounts.

No Medical Exam: Applicants are never asked to get a medical exam for final expense insurance. This makes the process quick and easy.

Accepting Applications: Each life insurance company sets its own underwriting criteria. Some policies require seniors to be in good health, while others ask no medical questions and accept applications for virtually everybody.

Avoid Term Insurance

Term policies are suitable for specific circumstances like replacing the head of the household’s income or for temporary coverage. Using term insurance for your burial insurance needs is a gamble because it will expire at some point. If the policy terminates before the policyholder’s death, funeral costs will fall to unassuming family members.

Term insurance either expires at a certain age or after a specific period of time. If you live past this age or time, your coverage will stop, and your family will not receive a payout.

Read The Fine Print

Anyone over 50 has had life insurance promotional material sent to their mailbox. This “exclusive term insurance offer” can come from many companies. These plans have great marketing to display their low prices.

There is a catch. The catch is that once you reach a specific age, your coverage will expire. Also, not only do the plans expire many companies raise the price the older you get.

For example, if you take out a $10,000 life insurance policy at the age of 50, the monthly premium will triple over the next 20 years. On top of that, the policy will expire when you reach 80 years old. Listed below is an example of a term policy that will increase in price over time.

$10000 Term Policy

Monthly Premiums

Age Female Male
50 $11 $14
55 $13 $18
60 $17 $24
65 $21 $31
70 $33 $42
80 Terminates Terminates

$10000 Life Insurance For Seniors FAQ’s

How Much is a 10000 Life Insurance Policy Per Month?

The price for a $10000 life insurance policy will be $30 – $200 per month. The monthly premium you will pay depends on several factors, including age, gender, and medical history. The healthier and younger you are, the lower your premium will be.

What Would 10000 of Life Insurance Cost for a 70 Year Old Man?

A 70-year-old male can expect to pay between $71 – $102 per month, depending on his medical history. Burial insurance for seniors over 70 is an affordable option for coverage.

What is the Smallest Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance coverage can be found for as little as $2,000. Typically life insurance will have higher coverage amounts that start at $50,000 and reach into the millions. However, final expense for seniors begins at $2,000 of coverage, making the monthly premium affordable and accessible to seniors.

What is the Cash Value of a $10000 Life Insurance Policy?

The cash value will build overtime for a $10,000 policy. A small portion will be directed to the cash value account with each payment made. This can be borrowed from in future years once the account has been built up. Your agent will be able to show you a timeline of your policy’s expected value.

Is A $10000 Whole Life Insurance Policy Good for Seniors?

Seniors commonly take out a $10,000 whole life insurance policy to cover their burial and funeral cost. This coverage is an excellent option for seniors on a fixed income who need permanent coverage that will not expire or fluctuate in price. The monthly premiums are very reasonable and affordable.

What if I Can’t Afford a $10,000 Life Insurance Policy?

Burial insurance offers flexible coverage amounts that range from $2,000 – $40,000. Whole life insurance is permanent, allowing seniors to find a coverage amount right for their current and future budget.

Other Whole Life Coverage Amounts

How Do I Buy a $10k Burial Insurance Policy?

The easiest way to purchase final expense life insurance coverage is by speaking to an independent agent. However, there are two main ways to get this type of coverage.

Direct with Provider: While it might seem to be the best way to buy, purchasing directly with the insurance company usually leaves people paying more. The reason for the higher cost is because, as strange as it sounds, the representatives working at the company do not have access to all of the plans. When you purchase directly from some carriers, only guaranteed acceptance plans are available. Many of the top plans are contracted out to independent agents.

Independent Agent: An independent agent can represent as many insurance providers as they want. Since they can choose, independent agencies usually offer the best of the best.

How Can Willamette Life Help?

Willamette Life is an independent agency that specializes in small whole life insurance plans. These plans are meant to cover burial expenses and any bills you leave behind. To secure the lowest possible rate, we will find the top plans that match your medical history.

Call us at 844-576-0019

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Final Thoughts About $10000 Whole Life Insurance

a. Seniors can find small whole life insurance policies for a low and affordable monthly rate. These plans are simple to qualify for with no hassle of a medical exam.

b. When finding $10000 life insurance, make sure you do not get sucked into buying term life insurance plans. These plans can be deceptive and are not your best option.

c. Work with an expert to find the best funeral insurance plans at the lowest possible price.

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