2020 Best United Home Life Final Expense Insurance Review

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Are you starting to research what happens to all your final expenses once you have passed away? This can seem overwhelming and even downright not fun to look into or talk about. It can be a highly emotional and touchy subject if you are looking for a parent or loved one. The great news is that we are here for … Read More

Funeral Insurance with Retinopathy: Best Companies & Quotes

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Did you know that diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness in adults ages 20–74? After having a new diagnosis it’s only natural to start thinking about the future for you and your family. You might be thinking about the future whether you are in it or not. Perhaps you’re thinking: -What happens when I pass away? -How much … Read More

Transamerica Funeral Insurance Review: The Top 10 Facts

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Researching what happens after a parent, grandparent, loved one, or even ourselves passes away is always a new area of learning. Typically this is not something we are taught in school or even in everyday life. Funeral Insurance fits this specific need and is a necessity for most families. When beginning to look into this type of product you may … Read More

Final Expense Insurance with Neuropathy [NO WAITING PERIOD]

Final expense insurance with neuropathy

There is no doubt about it, having this condition impacts your everyday life. From dieting to massages to keeping track of how you sit, the pain endured changes everything about life as you knew it. What you may not have initially thought of is how qualifying for Final Expense Coverage can be affected. Or perhaps you have been searching around … Read More

2020 Top FAQs: Can I Buy Burial Insurance For My Parents?

can I buy burial insurance for my parents

This is a question that often gets asked and to be truthful, one that had crossed my mind too. After getting into this industry I began analyzing products and in the back of my mind would look at what my parents would qualify for. At the time neither my mom nor dad, both in their 60’s, had this type of … Read More

Guarantee Trust Life Burial Insurance Review: 10 Key Facts

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Planning for the end of one’s life is never the easiest thing to discuss or research. It can be an emotional but extremely necessary discussion. Whether you are looking into this for you, a parent, or loved one it is crucial to understand the facts of Burial Insurance and which carriers may be best for your specific health condition. Guarantee … Read More

Best Funeral Insurance with Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

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Being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, commonly referred to as A-Fib, can certainly be worrisome! It probably has you thinking about how it’s going to affect your life in a physical sense. What you may not have initially thought about (until now) is how it could affect your ability to qualify for life insurance. My dad has had AFib for the … Read More

AIG Guaranteed Issue Review: Top 10 Must-Know Facts

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There comes a time when we start to think about what life looks like after a loved one is no longer with us or personally think what financial situation would my family be in if I am no longer here. If you have done your research and learned about how much end of life expenses are then you know these … Read More

Burial Insurance After A Heart Attack: 6 Affordable Companies

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There is no doubt that after a heart attack there are some big changes that need to happen in your life. From exercise to diet, your lifestyle is bound to change. Along with these big adjustments there are other things that come along with acceptance to certain programs such as life insurance. If you did not have life insurance before … Read More

Royal Neighbors Final Expense Review: 2 Fantastic Options

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There are many ways to plan for the end of your life financially. Creating a will, leaving detailed instructions explaining what you would like your final arrangements to look like. And of course, the money to pay for the service and celebration of your life. This is where Final Expense Insurance comes in. There are many top tier products in … Read More