Tennessee Funeral Insurance: 10 FAQs

Tennessee Funeral Insurance
Tennessee Funeral Insurance: 10 FAQs

In the Volunteer State, there is much to be thankful for. Tennessee is a world-class state with top-notch beauty from Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and everywhere between.

The item not usually on top of Tennesseeans’ minds is the inevitable financial burden left behind once someone passes away.

Whether you are thinking about your funeral or a loved one’s, the financial liability can be daunting for family members, and this is where senior funeral insurance can help.

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10 FAQs About Tennessee Funeral Insurance

1. What is Tennessee Final Expense Insurance?

Funeral insurance, final expense insurance, and burial insurance commonly describe the same coverage. This product is a type of whole life insurance, meaning that some very distinct features will come with every policy.

Coverage Lock: The coverage amount will never decrease, and the policy will never expire.

Price Lock: The price will never increase.

Builds Cash Value: You can borrow from your policy. A portion of every payment you make will go towards the cash value.

2. What Makes Tennessee Burial Insurance Different from other Whole Life Coverage?

A plan meant for your final expenses is different from a traditional whole life policy in one significant way. Standard whole life policies are intended to replace someone’s income, while a burial policy is meant to pay for funeral expenses.

Burial insurance quotes online are affordable and provide adequate coverage for final expenses.

3. What Can the Final Expense Insurance Payout be Used for in TN?

After the claim is filed and money distributed, there are no restrictions on what the funds can be used for.

The following are the most common items Tennessee burial insurance payouts are spent on.

  • Burial
  • Cremation
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Legal Expenses
  • Remaining Car Loan Balances
  • Medical Bills
  • Memorial/Celebration of Life
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Charity Donations
  • Remaining Balance on a Mortgage
  • Post-Mortem Expenses
  • Leaving an Inheritance
  • Other Final Expenses

4. How Old Can I be and Still Receive Tennessee Final Expense Insurance?

Burial insurance for seniors over 85 is available with specific carriers. Even a handful of insurance companies will provide initial life insurance coverage for individuals up to 90 years old.

Remember, these plans never expire, but coverage will only be initially awarded until a specific age.

5. What is a Waiting Period for Tennessee Burial Insurance?

A final expense plan that requires applicants to wait for coverage is a product that will cover individuals with high risk health conditions.

The carrier is willing to provide coverage to someone with average or poor health but will impose a waiting period on the plan in return. Waiting periods are usually two years from the date the policy was issued.

If the insured were to pass away during the waiting period, the beneficiary would receive a predetermined amount of money that will be less than the total amount.

6. How do I Qualify for Immediate Coverage in Tennessee?

Most Tennesseeans qualify for burial insurance with no waiting period, but you will need to answer a series of health questions. These questions will dive into your medical history. However, you will never be asked to get a medical exam to qualify.

Every carrier has different risk tolerance for what medical conditions they will cover. Finding the right provider for your medical condition will require working with a highly rated Tennessee final expense insurance agency.

7. Which Companies have the Best Plans in Tennessee?

The best burial insurance in Tennessee is determined by the proposed insured’s medical history, age, and gender. There is not a company that is best for everyone, so you need to do your homework before buying the first plan that comes to you.

8. Is Tennessee Burial Insurance Worth it for Me?

Having peace of mind and a financial safety net for your loved ones is always worth it. This allows you to rest easy every day, knowing your loved ones will have the resources to celebrate your life if something happens to you.

9. Can I Purchase a Burial Policy for a Loved One Living in Tennessee?

You can purchase a policy for someone other than yourself, but steps to follow to have a valid contract. The proposed insured must be willing to participate by agreeing to coverage and signing their name. Insurable interest and being of sound mind are requirements as well.

10. How do I Receive a Tennesse Final Expense Insurance Quote?

You have a few options, including using the instant quote machine on this page. If you want a quote for your specific health concerns, contact Willamette Life, and we will guide you through the process.

Call Willamette Life at 844-576-0019

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Funeral In Tennessee?

The average cost of a funeral in Tennessee will depend on several factors, including the geographical region where you would like to be laid to rest. The cost breakdown does not include the price of a headstone, monument, marker, cemetery property, a plot of land, columbarium, etc.

The average traditional burial service in Tennessee is $7,684

The average cost of cremation service in TN is $6,297




Chattanooga $7,806 $6,320
Clarksville $8,643 $7,265
Cookeville $6,803 $5,563
Jackson $8,293 $6,734
Johnson City $7,139 $5,901
Kingsport $7,536 $6,177
Knoxville $8,000 $6,603
Memphis $7,066 $5,626
Murfreesboro $7,072 $5,758
Nashville TN $8,483 $7,019
State Average $7,684 $6,297

Lifespan Statistics in TN

The average age at death in the state of Tennessee is 75.6 and is a slightly shorter life span than the national average of 78.8.

Listed below are the top 10 leading causes of death in the state, per the CDC.

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Covid-19
  4. Accidents
  5. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
  6. Stroke
  7. Alzheimer’s Disease
  8. Diabetes
  9. Flu/Phenomena
  10. Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis

Final Thoughts About Tennessee Burial Insurance

a. Tennessee funeral insurance is a great option when planning for end-of-life costs. For a simple and affordable monthly payment, you will be guaranteed that family members have the resources needed to celebrate your life.

b. The beneficiary can use the payout for anything, which provides significant flexibility.

c. Always work with an insurance agency that specializes in burial life insurance. This will guarantee you find the best product for you and your unique health history.

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