Burial Insurance After Stent Surgery: What To Know

burial insurance after stent surgery

There are a few critical things to understand about getting life insurance with a stent. You might be wondering how it affects qualifying for a policy. This article addresses everything you need to know about final expense life insurance after stent surgery. Can I Get Burial Insurance After Stent Surgery? For people with a stent implant, affordable final expense coverage … Read More

Burial Insurance After Circulatory Surgery: Expert Advice

Burial insurance after circulatory surgery

There are surely many things on your mind after being told you need to get a circulatory procedure. One of those things may or may not be life insurance. Can Someone Get Burial Insurance After Circulatory Surgery? After having a circulatory surgery or other procedure, it is possible to qualify for final expense life insurance. All insurance providers will ask … Read More

Burial Insurance On Blood Thinners: How Will Companies React

Burial Insurance On Blood Thinners

More than 8 million adults in the United States are currently taking a blood thinner. People are usually on blood thinner prescriptions for preventative measures or to treat existing blood clots and heart disease. The truth is, the ability to get life insurance on blood thinners can be affected. Luckily, top burial insurance plans are still available. Can Seniors Get … Read More

Burial Insurance With Grave’s Disease (Hyperthyroidism)

Burial Insurance With Grave's Disease

Being diagnosed with Grave’s disease brings multiple complexities. One complication you might be worried about is qualifying for a life insurance policy. Can You Get Burial Insurance With Grave’s Disease? It is easy to get burial life insurance with Grave’s disease. Most burial insurance companies will award immediate coverage if you are otherwise healthy with no other pre-existing conditions. This … Read More

Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease: Qualifying Guidelines

Burial Insurance With Kidney Disease

When you receive the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD), many things go through your mind. One of the first things is likely not burial insurance acceptance, as this thought probably comes a bit later on. With major advancements in healthcare, CKD patients can live a long life despite their condition. This is great news for seniors with kidney disease. … Read More

Funeral Insurance For Pipe Smokers: Finding A Low-Cost Plan

Funeral Insurance For Pipe Smokers

Looking for life insurance for tobacco users can prove to be difficult. As a pipe smoker, working with the right company is pivotal. Fortunately, not all funeral insurance companies react the same way towards all tobacco use and occasional social smokers. Specifically, what each company considers to fall into the “smoking” category and the varying premium increases. Is Affordable Funeral … Read More

Burial Insurance On Disability: Unlocking Premier Coverage

burial insurance on disability

Living life with a disability can be challenging and likely raises many concerns. Your diagnosis can come with lifestyle changes and new ways of everyday living. What is not always thought about are the options that you have when it comes to insurance for burial with a disability. Most families do not realize the financial burden of funeral expenses, and … Read More

Burial Insurance For Chewing Tobacco Users: Secrets To Know

Burial Insurance For Chewing Tobacco

Thinking about burial expense insurance is never an exciting thing. In fact, it is very normal for this task to sit at the bottom of someone’s to-do list for years. But the longer you wait to take life insurance coverage out, the harder it might be to get and the more expensive it becomes. Perhaps you are looking for the … Read More

Final Expense Insurance For Cigar Smokers: Do They Matter?

Final expense insurance for cigar smokers

The same life insurance for cigar smokers is available to non-smokers. The biggest difference for final expense coverage is the rates you should expect to pay. Since smoking, in general, can lead to some medical concerns, this plays a significant role in the monthly cost. Final Expense Insurance For Cigar Smokers The majority of final expense insurance companies will charge smoking … Read More

Burial Insurance For Smokers: Secrets To Low-Cost Coverage

Burial Insurance For Smokers

Life is full of decision-making and planning for the future. How far into your future do you have planned? The average funeral costs between $8,000 – $12,000 after everything is said and done. Low-cost burial insurance policies can help offset these expenses for anyone who does not have money set aside. This insurance coverage allows smokers to be proactive with … Read More