Finding Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85: It Is Possible

life insurance for seniors over 85
Finding Life Insurance For Seniors Over 85: It Is Possible

You might think that getting life insurance for seniors over 85 is complicated and near impossible, but that is not true. In fact, getting whole life insurance for seniors is a simple process and provides permanent coverage.

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Can You Get Life Insurance After The Age Of 85?

Life insurance for seniors over 85 is possible to get. New policies are available from select insurance companies, but you must qualify for coverage by answering health questions. These plans are whole life insurance, meaning your monthly premium will never increase, and your coverage will never terminate.

How to get Life Insurance Over 85 with No Medical Exam

Medical exams are not a part of the application process when applying for burial life insurance. However, it will ask a series of health questions that you must answer favorably to gain coverage. If you can successfully get through the health questions, your application will be submitted to the insurance company.

The insurance provider will make the decision to approve or deny your final expense insurance policy.

How can I Avoid a Waiting Period Over 85?

Age does not dictate waiting periods, health does. Being elderly does not mean you will automatically have life insurance with a waiting period. If you are in good health, there is a high likelihood that you will qualify for a plan with immediate coverage.

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Best Life Insurance for Seniors Over 85

Two notable companies will provide final expense insurance for seniors over 85, Aetna and Guarantee Trust Life (GTL). If you are looking for life insurance for seniors over 80, your age will determine which policies are available to you.

Best Burial Insurance For Seniors over 85

Aetna (CVS Health)
Guarantee Trust Life
Policy Type Whole Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance
Applicant Age Range 40 – 89 40 – 90
Waiting Period No 2-Years
Coverage Amount Available $2,000 – $25,000 $2,500 – $10,000
State Availability All States (except NY) All States (except CA & NY)
Builds Cash Value Yes Yes
Premiums Locked in Yes Yes
Health Questions Yes Yes
Guaranteed Acceptance No No

You will notice on the chart above coverage in New York is not offered to elderly applicants. Unfortunately, funeral insurance for seniors over 85 is unavailable if you live in New York.


Aetna life insurance is a part of the CVS family of brands and is recommended for healthy seniors over 85. Their underwriting is more lenient than other companies and accepts applications up to 89.

Aetna allows a maximum death benefit of $25,000.

  • Plan Name: Accendo Level
  • States Covered: 49 states & DC (excluding NY)
  • A.M. Best Company Rating: A (excellent)
Health Conditions Accepted

Aetna will accept the following common conditions and provide immediate coverage.

  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • COPD
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Basal or Squamous cell skin cancer
  • Over 1 year since a heart attack, stroke, cardiomyopathy, or any heart or circulatory procedures
  • Over 2 years since diabetic complications, kidney or liver disease


Guarantee Trust Life is an excellent option if you have health issues and cannot get accepted by Aetna. GTL accepts applications up to 90 years old and has very relaxed underwriting requirements. However, there will be a 2-year waiting period before you are fully covered.

A maximum death benefit of $10,000 is all that is available from Guarantee Trust Life.

  • Plan Name: The Heritage Plan
  • States Covered: 48 states & DC (excluding CA & NY)
  • A.M. Best Company Rating: A (excellent)
Health Conditions Not Accepted

GTL will deny your application if you have experienced the following health concerns.

  • Within the last 24 months, kidney dialysis, continuous oxygen use, advised to or getting an organ transplant, implanted defibrillator, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory loss.
  • Ever been diagnosed with AIDS, ARC, or HIV.
  • Currently bedridden, confined to a hospital, nursing home, long-term care facility, on hospice, diagnosed with a terminal illness, or have a current invasive cancer diagnosis.

Are Guaranteed Acceptance Plans Available?

If you try to get a guaranteed issue policy with no health questions, the premiums will be extremely high. Most companies stop offering these plans to seniors over 85.

To see funeral insurance quotes for seniors over 85 or any other age, use the instant quote tool on this page or review final expense insurance quotes online.

How Much Does a $10,000 Burial Insurance Cost for Seniors over 85?

A healthy senior over 85 can expect a $10,000 burial insurance policy to cost $171 – $275 for a woman and $236 – $358 for a man. These monthly quote ranges are for 86 – 89 years old.


Monthly Premiums
$5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
86 $87 $171 $255 $339
$105 $206 $307 $408
88 $122 $241 $359 $478
89 $139 $275 $411 $547


Monthly Premiums
$5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000
86 $120 $236 $353 $469
$140 $277 $413 $550
88 $160 $317 $474 $631
89 $181 $358 $535 $712

How To Apply For Senior Final Expense Insurance Over 85

First, it is essential that you work with an insurance agent that specializes in senior burial insurance.

The agent will ask health questions to ensure you can qualify. They will then gather additional information required by the insurance company to submit the application.

You will learn if you are approved or not within 15 minutes to 4 business days. Usually, it is a relatively quick turnaround as long as they don’t see any red flags. A red flag might be discrepancies on the prescription history or MIB report that are not in line with your answers to the health questions.

The coverage will be active once the application is approved and your first premium is paid. You will receive the policy in the mail shortly after its approval.

You can apply 100% over the phone.

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FAQs for Burial Insurance for Seniors Over 85

Can Someone get Life Insurance Over 85 with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia?

Unfortunately, funeral life insurance is unavailable if you are over 85 with Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia. If you are 85 or younger, guaranteed acceptance plans ask no health questions. These plans have a minimum of a 2-year waiting period but will accept people with dementia.

Can I get Life Insurance for my 85 year old Mother?

It is common for children to seek out final expense insurance for parents. Getting a policy for your mother or father will require them to be involved in the application process. A life insurance policy cannot be taken out without the consent of the proposed insured. Willamette Life can help you find the best coverage for your parent.

What Happens to Your Life Insurance When You Turn 85?

Whole life insurance lasts for your entire life, and new policies are still available to people after turning 85. Term coverage often expires when you reach a certain age, usually 80 or 85. It depends on the type of policy you have, but whole life insurance is best for seniors because this coverage is permanent.

a. Getting life insurance for seniors over 85 is possible, but it will require qualifying for coverage by answering a series of health questions.

b. Whole life is your best option over 85, and there are select companies that will still accept applications.

c. Working with a specialized senior whole life insurance agency will provide you the best possibility of getting life insurance after turning 85.

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