Final Expense Insurance With A Pacemaker: A Detailed Guide

final expense insurance with a pacemaker

While you will not necessarily notice the device after the surgery has healed, you will have to change some of your activities. From informing airport security to not placing your cell phone in your breast pocket, there are many things that you will have to adjust to. You will also need to be selective with your final expense life insurance … Read More

Royal Neighbors Final Expense Review (Senior Life Insurance)

Royal Neighbors Final Expense Review

Finding the right final expense insurance plan for your specific medical history and budget can be challenging. Fortunately, you have come across Royal Neighbors of America, which has made our top burial insurance companies list. Royal Neighbors life insurance offers affordable coverage while being a market leader in flexible underwriting, including a diabetic-friendly applications process. Quick Links Company Overview Simplified … Read More

Foresters Funeral Insurance Review: PlanRight Coverage

Foresters Funeral Insurance Review

There are many solid funeral insurance companies and plans. Some carriers are not as good or are much more expensive than others. The best way to know if a company has favorable plans to cover funeral expenses is to do your research. Finding the right funeral insurance plan should not be hard. This is why we have put together a … Read More

Funeral Insurance For Diabetics: Finding The Best In 2022

best funeral insurance for diabetics

In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than doubled as the American population has aged and become more overweight or obese. Getting life insurance with diabetes or any other chronic condition can present some challenges. Final expense is affordable life insurance for diabetics. People looking for coverage should know that the best policy … Read More

Mutual Of Omaha Final Expense & Burial Insurance Review 2022

Mutual Of Omaha Final Expense Insurance Review

Many burial insurance companies over promise and underdeliver when it comes to price, coverage, and plan features. Fortunately, the Mutual of Omaha Living Promise life insurance plan over-delivers on all of these categories. This is why it ranks at the top of our best burial insurance companies list. This Mutual Of Omaha burial insurance review details plan types, underwriting, and … Read More

Gerber Life Insurance Review For Seniors: Guaranteed Issue

Gerber Life Insurance Review

Maybe you have stumbled upon a Gerber baby food life insurance commercial or brochure sent to you. Besides the baby food and other child-related products, Gerber is also heavily involved in the Life Insurance industry. When seniors start planning for the costs associated with the end of one’s life, the numbers can be shocking. For a traditional service, the costs … Read More

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review: 2022 Plan Details

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage Review

You may have seen a Lincoln Heritage tv commercial or have been prompted by another form of marketing to look into what their company has to offer. This Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage review will further explain their burial insurance options. Quick Links Lincoln Heritage Overview Funeral Advantage Modified Plan What Does it Cost? Funeral Consumer Guardian Society Medical Questions FAQs … Read More

State Farm Final Expense Insurance Review (Plan Details)

State Farm Final Expense Review

Disclaimer: Willamette Life is a direct competitor of State Farm. This post is written to help you make a purchasing decision and to understand your options better. Usually, seniors are not thinking about funeral costs when in retirement years. The average funeral can cost between $8,000 – $12,000. If no money is set aside for these final costs, the financial … Read More

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review: Is $9.95 Legit or Fake?

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Review

Everyone has seen the commercial advertising $9.95 for life insurance coverage from Colonial Penn. This seems like a great deal, but you may be surprised by the fine print. The TV commercial is not telling you that $9.95 will not get you much. For example, a 65-year-old male would only receive $932 of coverage for $9.95 a month. Along with … Read More

Is Globe Life Insurance Legit? Reviews & Truth

Is Globe Life Insurance Legit

Globe life insurance is a well-known company with high brand awareness. This is due to the widespread marketing campaigns targeting prospective buyers interested in acquiring life insurance. Seniors and families are often flooded with direct mail promotions and emails bosting “$1 buys $100,000” and other marketing campaigns to pique interest. Reviewing Globe Life Insurance and checking if it is a … Read More