John Hancock Final Expense Review: Guaranteed Issue

John Hancock Final Expense Review

Disclaimer: Willamette Life is a direct competitor of John Hancock. This post is written to help you make a purchasing decision and to understand your options better. There is no shortage of selections when it comes to life insurance. It seems like every company has a great burial insurance plan to offer. When determining what company has the best final … Read More

AARP Burial Insurance Review 2022: Is This Your Best Option?

AARP Burial Insurance Review

AARP’s mission is “to empower people to choose how they live as they age.” Advocating for this idea while helping millions of seniors make good decisions during retirement has been noble by AARP. However, when it comes to burial insurance, AARPs members should choose not to use the coverage they offer. This AARP burial insurance review shows members of this … Read More

Best Burial Insurance Companies (5 Excellent Choices)

Best Burial Insurance Companies

Countless carriers claim they are the best funeral insurance company. However, this is not always the case. You should closely review each company and plan before purchasing burial insurance for seniors. The best final expense insurance companies are highly rated financially, provide excellent policy structures, and come at an affordable price. Quick Links 5 Best Companies How Much Does it … Read More

Final Expense Insurance: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Final Expense Insurance

There can be a financial shock when budgeting for the final expenses that come at the end of life. A traditional funeral costs between $8,000 – $12,000 and can quickly increase depending on the deceased’s final wishes. This price does not include medical bills, final utility payments, legal expenses, etc. This is a major burden for family members attempting to … Read More

Getting Final Expense & Life Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Final Expense Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Senior life insurance plans provide simple and affordable life insurance for the elderly. These plans were specifically designed for seniors, and this insurance coverage comes with permanent benefits and low premiums. Life insurance for seniors over 80 is also referred to as final expense, funeral, and burial insurance. All of these names refer to the same type of whole life … Read More

Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 70: Premiere Advice

Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 70

Once seniors reach their golden years, it is a significant milestone in their life. A major financial item that needs to be planned for is funeral expenses. Funeral costs can be anywhere from $8,000 – $12,000. This can be a significant financial shock for loved ones trying to grieve and honor the deceased’s life. Fortunately, burial life insurance is a … Read More

Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 60: Essential Details

Burial Insurance For Seniors Over 60

Once turning 60, many seniors start thinking about the next steps of life—retirement, grandchildren’s future, and their legacy. On average funeral expenses cost between $8,000 – $12,000. This can leave a major burden for loved ones if not prepared. So, having a plan to cover these expenses once seniors reach their 60s is very important for their family’s financial future. … Read More

Can I Buy Burial Insurance For My Parents? (Quick Coverage)

can I buy burial insurance for my parents

There comes a time when you start thinking about the costs that will fall on you when your parent’s health starts to decline. Funerals can range from $8,000 – $12,000. This is a high cost for any family, especially if you are unprepared. Senior burial insurance is an affordable solution to help cover these final expenses. However, like most life … Read More

Burial Insurance No Waiting Period: Unlock Instant Coverage

Burial insurance no waiting period

With most purchases, there is an expectation that you should have access to it right away once a product is bought. Immediate access could not be more important when discussing your family’s financial future. Quick Links No Waiting Period Basics  Final Expense Insurance & Waiting Periods  How to Qualify for Immediate Coverage  No Health Questions (Guaranteed Acceptance) Burial Insurance No … Read More

Final Expense Insurance for Seniors: Ultimate Guide (2022)

Final Expense Insurance for Seniors

Life insurance is a popular, helpful, and needed financial tool to protect loved ones from financial hardship. With average funeral costs between $8,000 – $12,000, this is a significant financial burden to ask your family members to take on. However, some insurance plans provide the financial resources needed during grief. When looking into life insurance policies, there are many options, … Read More