What Is Burial Insurance? The Easy Explanation

what is burial insurance

There are many products on the market claiming to be the best financial vehicle for final expenses. Along with these claims, each product is named something different, and it is easy to get confused. Fortunately, one product is simple to understand and has permanent benefits, which is a final expense and burial insurance policy. What Is Burial Insurance? Burial insurance, … Read More

How Does Funeral Insurance Work? 10 Simple Explanations

how does funeral insurance work

Once you start looking into funeral costs, the numbers are eye-opening. A traditional, basic funeral service can range from $8,000 to $12,000. If you are unprepared, this is a major financial burden to leave family members and loved ones. This is where funeral insurance can be a financial lifeline for loved ones left to take on this cost. It was … Read More

Is Burial Insurance Worth It? How To Decide

is burial insurance worth it

There comes a time when every family has to lay a loved one to rest. This is a time of reflection and mourning. However, the financial aspect to the end of someone’s life can easily be overlooked. Funeral costs leave a significant monetary burden for family members attempting to honor their loved ones. Fortunately, there are ways to plan for … Read More