Jake Irving

Owner of Willamette Life Group

Expertise: Life insurance and burial insurance

Featured In: GoBankingRates Synchrony Finacial, insurance.com, insure.com Zapier, Yahoo News


Jake Irving is the owner of Willamette Life Group and holds life insurance licenses in 25 states around the country.

Early in Jake's career, he served individuals through the world of hospitality and customer service. Seeing a need for a customer-focused insurance purchasing process, Jake brought his skill set of hospitality to the life insurance industry.

He started Willamette Life with a pinpoint focus on providing people with the answers to their life insurance questions.

Jake has contributed to numerous highly respected publications and businesses, including Synchrony Financial, GoBankingRates, insurance.com, Yahoo News, UpCity, Zapier, LegalZoom, insure.com, and Schedulicity.com.