How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost? Top 5 Plans & Quotes

How Much Does Burial Insurance Cost

If you are looking to better understand the cost of a policy for end-of-life expenses, you have come to the right place! We are going to break down the factors that determine the monthly cost of coverage, the top 5 companies, and their prices. For more personalized pricing you can also use the free instant quote machine on the right … Read More

Is Burial Insurance Worth It? How To Decide

is burial insurance worth it

There comes a time when every family has to lay a loved one to rest. This is a time of reflection, mourning, and celebrating the wonderful life of the deceased. Though the financial aspect to the end of someone’s life can easily be overlooked. These costs leave a significant monetary burden for family members attempting to honor their loved ones. … Read More

How Does Final Expense Insurance Work? 3 Detailed Steps

how does final expense insurance work

The average cost when someone passes away is $8,000 – $12,000 for a basic service. Do you have the means to cover this or will it fall to the family you leave behind? Final Expense Insurance was designed specifically for seniors that might not have a nest egg to cover these end-of-life expenses. This coverage is a type of Whole … Read More